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Ponderosa Properties has been offering vacation rentals at the Black Butte Ranch for over twenty years.
Black Butte Ranch is a premiere resort community with a rustic feel tucked away between the beautiful Cascade Mountain Ranch and the Deschutes National Forest. The western town of Sisters is a mere eight miles away.

Our Story

A million and a half years ago, Black Butte broke through the earth's crust and rose skyward. Like many volcanic mountains, it had a series of tubes and passages running throughout it, formed by rushing lava. Over time, melting winter ice seeped into those tubes, and eventually this water found its way to the surface as a series of rushing springs. Today, these same rushing springs surface at Black Butte Ranch, a family vacation paradise in the shadow of Black Butte.

In the mid 1930s, Stewart S. Lowery, a wealthy San Franciscan, bought the property around Black Butte, naming it after the mountain. The property changed hands several times in the 20th century until, in 1970, Brooks Resources became the developer of the current central Oregon residential resort. Brooks Resources would set up a homeowner association with a very clear development philosophy: to create a community of residential and summer homes with limited commercial activity.

Today, Black Butte Ranch is owned and managed by a homeowner's association, a unique arrangement for such a large residential resort. The Ranch consists of 1251 home sites, with about 20 lots currently undeveloped. The property is divided into sections, including Golf Home in the northwest, East Meadow in the northeast, Spring Home, South Meadow, and Rock Ridge in the center and Glaze Meadow in the south. There are also three sets of condominiums and various cluster-cabins on the property.

On Black Butte Ranch, amenities abound. There are 33 miles of private roadways, 18 miles of bike paths, two 18-hole championship golf courses, 19 tennis courts, five swimming pools, three restaurants, several shops, and a general store. The two golf courses, Big Meadow and Glaze Meadow, are among the top in the Northwest, having received Silver Medal status on Golf Magazine's US Golf Resort lists in the 1990s.

Recent improvements at the Ranch include a new lodge pool – 80 percent larger than the existing pool – and outdoor hot tub. The new pool was part of a major lodge area redevelopment project, adding a new bistro and retail area with outdoor dining and poolside service, locker rooms, a fitness facility, recreation center and playground. Parking and landscaping also received a major upgrade.

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